February Maintenance Checklist

It´s not spring yet, but February is the perfect month to start preparing for spring cleaning and gearing up for gardening.

February Sales

Candy, chocolates, jewelry, sexy underwear
Flooring and carpet
Kitchen Tool Kit
Everyone needs a small tool chest in the kitchen to keep up with small maintenance and fix-it tasks:

Several screwdrivers in different sizes (flat and phillips)
Adjustable wrench
Replacement screws and tacks
Wood glue
Small clamps

Make a list
of all major indoor projects that need to be done. Prioritize them so you can
get the most urgent out of the way before the garden and yard claims your

  • For major projects, call and get estimates now.
  • Check and clean grout between tiles in your kitchen and bath. Regrout if necessary. Add sealer to finish.
  • Check flooring and carpet. If it needs repair or replacement, take advantage of sales now.
  • Start seeds if you plan to grow your own. Many seeds need to be started 6-8 weeks before the last frost.
  • In many areas of the country—depending on germination time and when to transplant—the best time to start seeds is in February.
  • Prune roses—18 inches is the optimum height.
  • Fertilize perennials in temperate areas and rototill empty garden beds if soil is dry enough.
  • Reorganize the pantry. Assess what you have on hand and if you haven´t been using stuff, make a meal plan that incorporates canned goods and freezer stocks (frozen foods are often on sale in March, so it´s a good time to stock up…if you have room).
  • If you have goods that you don´t think you´ll use before their expiration dates, donate them to a food bank. There´s no reason to hang on to the Vienna wieners if you are now a practicing vegan.
  • Take everything out. Wash shelves and add fresh shelf liner.
  • Spare time? Organize the laundry area. Clear everything out. Sort, toss, and organize shelves by task: washing stuff together, cleansers, sponges, rags in their own bins.
  • Check your ironing board; replace the cover if it´s old, stained, or just ratty.

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