Goal: To maintain and enhance the value of your home to create a personal vision for how you would like your property to be, and produce a comprehensive plan with costs and a schedule for realizing these wishes.

There are 4 basic components:

Proactive and routine preventive inspections and service focusing on such items as HVAC, lawn, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, filter changing, energy cost reductions, etc. (listed below)

Small non-recurring maintenance projects such as replacing a window, repairing a door, etc.

This includes full-service remodeling, certified kitchen and baths, room additions, home offices, and more!

Home Services:
HAMS combines the expertise of specialty contractors, handymen, and more into a single consolidated service, efficiently delivered in four convenient quarterly visits. You should maintain your property for the same reason you maintain your car. Why? Because without regular maintenance both your car and home are headed for trouble and costly repairs down the road.

HAMS will take care of your home so you won’t have to… we’re sure you have better things to do.

Counties Served

Contra Costa